Amazon’s Recent Statement Proves Hachette’s True Motive

Amazon’s Recent Statement Proves Hachette’s True Motive

Amazon’s recent statement is here.

Barry Eisler’s comments on it are here.

Hugh Howey’s comments on it are here.

Read all of the above (links open in a new window) … then come back.

My comments (on the general nature of this whole Amazon and Hachette thing) are below:

Is Amazon in business to make a profit? Yep. Investors cursed with short-term thinking don’t think so, based on recent losses…

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My Comment On Comcast’s Net Neutrality Comments

My Comment On Comcast’s Net Neutrality Comments

Comcast recently clarified their position on net neutrality (link to Twitter hashtag).

Their comments are in this announcement from their corporate website.

I posted a comment to that discussion, and as of this post, it was still being “approved” by Comcast Voices.  Just in case it doesn’t, I screen captured the comment I left, and placed the image here:

My Comcast Comment

My Comcast Comment

Now, if they do in fact…

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And The Big 5 Publisher Whining Continues…

And The Big 5 Publisher Whining Continues…

Steven Zacharius, a respected CEO for Kensington Publishing, responded to my comment from this post on Hugh Howey’s blog.

Here is what he said:

Readers have not spoken. Amazon has spoken. There job for their shareholders is to build their companies bottom-line. They’re doing this by capturing marketshare by discounting prices and eating the difference when they want to. They can afford to do this…

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Why The Publishing Price “Fight” Is Totally Unnecessary

Why The Publishing Price “Fight” Is Totally Unnecessary

Too much focus on “the number” here.

$4.99, $15.99, heck $99.99 … so what? The market of readers won’t buy something they do not value in e-format. The traditional publishing companies, if they don’t realize that, and are too hung up on the “price” … will suffer a greater loss as competition “prices” them out of the market.

But this price argument turns these books into commodities if that’s the…

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On Record: About our medical insurance system…

I’m going on record stating I think the medical insurance system in our country (United States) is an outright scam.

Any system that…

  • Forces people to pay into it.
  • Forces people to take unnecessary steps BEFORE getting the actual treatment (in some cases, other treatments that aren’t necessary).
  • Plays “doctor” without seeing the actual patient.
  • Fines people for NOT paying into it.
  • Doesn’t approve the claims being paid for with premiums.
  • Has premiums that are way too expensive for value exchanged.
  • Sometimes doesn’t allow necessary treatment to be paid for (by the insurance itself) until totally unnecessary steps are taken.
  • Is incentivized to make it difficult to approve (formerly not approving) claims in the name of profits over people.
  • That is part of a medical system, not a banking system, and should be forced to be treated as such.
  • Lobbies to keep things at the status quo.
  • Has an administration that supports said system.
  • And on … and on…

It’s a scam.  An outright scam that on the surface, gives the impression that it provides value, but deep down makes life a living hell for people in this country.

scam skam/Submit
noun informal
a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
"an insurance scam” (italics mine)
synonyms: fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, racket, trick; More

verb: scam; 3rd person present: scams; past tense: scammed; past participle: scammed; gerund or present participle: scamming
"a guy that scams the elderly out of their savings"
synonyms: swindle, cheat, deceive, trick, dupe, hoodwink, double-cross, gull; More

Does any of the above definition from here sound familiar as it applies to the medical insurance system (companies, etc…) in the United States?