A Late Robin Williams Tribute … On “Genius”

A Late Robin Williams Tribute … On “Genius”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Robin Williams recently passed away.

This is a late tribute to this artistic genius.

I don’t think we, as humans, respect the fact that once in awhile true genius enters our society.

And in Robin Williams case, he is one of those geniuses.

Of course there have been others … Einstein, Newton, Jobs, Turing, etc…

Mr. Williams…

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Client: My fiancé and I are unhappy with the engagement photos you sent us.

Me: What’s wrong with them?

Client: We’re wearing sweat pants in them!

Me: But that’s what you wore to the shoot. I asked you on the day if you wanted to change into something more appropriate and you said no.

an “OMG moment” … I can’t believe people think Photoshop can do this.


I am a (female) fashion designer. I create unique dresses, mostly for cocktail parties and weddings.

Me: So here is my quote for the cocktail gown that we discussed last week.

Client: Thanks… I understand the lines for fabric and other material, but what is the last line about?

Me: That’s…

With SOLID reasons why to stop doing it. After reading it, I am stopping my coverage of the situation on my blog, for sure.

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Gun Toting Health Enforcers

Gun Toting Health Enforcers

By Bill Bonner – Chairman of Bonner and Partners

(reprinted here with permission)

When we left Baltimore on Friday, the Dow was still going up. Gold was still going down.

The Fed was still hinting it would begin tapering its bond-buying program (QE) soon… or maybe not.

The economy was still recovering… or maybe it wasn’t.

And the Red Sox were still favored to win the World Series.

We woke up…

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