Be human first. Not some empty affiliation, tribe, or “brand.”

You can be remembered for the first, you will be forgotten for the latter.

Are you sure?

Before you send off that scathing rebuttal, that seething remark, or that emotion-destroying thought … think first…

Is that really accomplishing something? If you were to allow 1 day before sending, would the feeling that is driving this poisonous bile subside?

In most cases, yes it will.

Most of life is uncontrollable chaos.

Do your best to let go of trying to control the outcome. Instead, focus on “inputs” that you can control.

Let go of harsh reactions to “stuff” that happens to you. Instead, make yourself more resilient, because something else WILL happen to you.

Ask yourself…

“Do I really want the answer to this question? Or, do I just want to wallow in pitiful search of the answer?”

Most people do the latter. The proof lies in what people do once they have the information they need, generally they do little to nothing with it.

Science and reason are things to celebrate, for sure. But the world, life, and existence encompass so much more than our logical discoveries.

In short, there’s more to life than any one thing.

Don’t over-rationalize the world. People are irrational, emotional, and impulsive. Let go of the need to put everything into an easy-to-contemplate metaphorical box.

That box doesn’t exist.

Instead, transcend all of this by being the best person you can be. Start now.

Is there something that you keep wishing you had time to do? Something you feel incredibly passionate about?

Do that, today.

I go through periods of time where I look directly into the darkness of life, so I’m reminded how bright and much more important the light is.